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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

We are 6 days into December, and if you haven’t started Christmas shopping I’m here to tell you: YOU’RE LATE! Just kidding!

But seriously, Christmas will be here before we all know it and if you don’t get your Christmas shopping act together you may end up like a few people I know and making a gift run to Walgreens on Christmas Eve.

So lets avoid that possibility, and take a look at some of my top favorite things that are worthy of being added to your wishlist or for another special lady you know! I’ve separated it into 2 guides: Casual Gal + Glam Gal. Both are no-fuss, practical items that make you feel good.

Here we go!


  1. Fitbit Blaze : Fitness watches are such a popular accessory these days, but they are multi-functional and truly do provide a great insight and review into your daily movement habits. I chose this Fitbit Blaze as it functions just as well as an Apple Watch, without some of the more luxury (non-fitness related) capabilities. For the price, this does just what you need it to and is incredibly stylish for in the gym or out!
  2. Zyia Community Sweatshirt: The perfect sweatshirt for cozy nights inside or out by the fire. A lighter feel than a traditional hooded sweatshirt, but fits true to size and offers great room for layering. I’ve lived in mine this winter so far!
  3. Sterling Silver Ball Stud Earrings: Such a staple piece of jewelry for anyone! Go fancy and find yourself white gold ones, but for the budget-friendly these are my favorite! These are larger in size, but don’t droop. Win, win!
  4. Nylon Tote Bag : One of my more recent and absolute favorite finds is this bag right here! It’s color and style are very versatile. Looks great while running around town in athletic wear, but can still pair well with a great pair of jeans. I don’t recommend toting this around with you while in your little black dress, but it could double as your overnight bag for a quick staycation with a significant other or friend!
  5. Quetzal Mesh Tank: The perfect color for any time of year, this open back tank can be dressed up with a blazer or sweater, but is the perfect HIIT workout partner in the gym! Great ventilation + quick drying for a serious sweat session!
  6. Silicone ring : Originally purchase to avoid cutting my son while changing his diaper (wiggle worm central!), I now wear this about 90% of the time. The color doesn’t fade or dirty (that normal hand washing doesn’t take care of), it has stayed true to size with little to no stretch keeping it in place on my finger. Additional styles and colors available, too. I have 2 of these rings to create a stacked look like a normal wedding/engagement ring.
  7. Black Unwind Joggers :  If ever there was a pair of pants that made you feel both stylish and invincible at the same time, it would be these 😍 They are thick, slick, and tapered in a traditional jogger style to give a fitted and flattering look! Available in plum as well.
  8. Swell water bottle (25oz): Admittedly, I’m terrible about water! More so recently, but I try to always bring this bottle with me wherever I go. I am pro-straw cups (and prefer them), but they are not easy to travel with when you have a gaggle of children or always have your hands full. I like that I can throw this in whatever bag I have without worrying about spills!



  1. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill – The Eye Master collection: Eye make-up brushes from heaven, this sweet little set is great for your favorite eye palette. As a bonus item, I’m throwing in my favorite pallet here.
  2. Uplift Shoulder Sweatshirt : Keep things cozy and sweet, and maybe a little sassy, in this uplift sweatshirt. The grey color allows it to pair well with just about everything, and the dropped shoulder makes it dressy/casual enough for a date. Pair it with a simple necklace, great legging/jeans and have a relaxed night out!
  3. Quay Australia – Sahara Gold: Hands down dominating the sunglass market in style (IMHO 😝) these Quay sunglasses are everything! A total splurge, but the color and style are timeless. Pair with a fun + bold lip, just because!
  4. Black Grid Bra: Easily one of the cutest bras ever! This offers low-medium support, great for low-impact workouts or pairing with a low-cut top and a night on the town. You’re welcome!
  5. Black Pocket Light n Tight: Compression leggings that suck and tuck in all the right places, have the best pockets you could ever imagine, and some type of magical butt-lift miracle in your backside! I kid you not, if you don’t have a booty, and need/want one, then stock up on these or any of  their light n tight styles! If the tightness of compression is not your style, be sure to size up one for a little extra room.
  6. Drybar – Triple Sec 01 Candle: How many times do you go to the salon to get your hair done and tell your stylist, “Wow, that smells so good!” as she spritz’s your hair with deliciously smelling goodness before blow drying? How many? EVERYtime, right? Well, now take that scent and drop it in a candle. Again, you’re welcome.
  7. Nike Air Max Thea Sneaker – Rust Pink : I will never love another shoe more than a Nike Air Max. I don’t know why, but they are hands down my favorite style sneaker! They are great for workouts, but in this color will pair fabulously with any outfit. **These are on my personal wish list this year! (hint-hint hubby, in case you happen to forget….)**
  8. Kate Spade Triple Sticker Pocket – Rose Gold: If you’re not good about keeping your phone near you, or set it down forgetfully while out and about, then this item may not be for you. But! It’s color makes me squeal with excitement, and the idea of not having to carry around a purse just seems joyous. I always have to carry an inhaler, so this is my “I love it, I want it, I can’t use it, so someone else should buy it and love it instead” top pick!

If you add any of these items to your wishlist I want to know! Drop me a comment and tell me your favorite, or let me know what you think about the item when Santa brings it for Christmas!

Happy Holidays, friends!


xo, Jess



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