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5 Ways to Rest Your Day 🌱

Bad days happen, we all have them. Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of bed and you already know it’s going to be “one of those days”. But sometimes, a seemingly good day turns into a not so good day.

First, I feel inclined to say: have your feelings. While in most cases we all want to get ourselves out of the funk we’re in and turn our day around, there are times where we should just sit in those moments without the need to “fix”. Sometimes we need to have our feelings and try again the next day. Sometimes those feelings of overwhelm and frustrations are too far out of reach, and our control. Let them be.

However, more often than not we do have control over our attitudes and the ability to regroup + reset. So when you find yourself in need of a little re-do, here are 5 ways to reset your day:

1️⃣ Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is one of my personal favorites and immediate go-to’s for a number of reasons. First, I often find that when I am upset or stressed it affects my stomach. Peppermint is used to calm nausea (do you remember your school nurse giving you peppermints when you had an upset stomach? Maybe it’s a Texas thing) and when smelled or ingested, can relieve those effects quickly and without taking OTC medicines. It can also offer a boost of energy when diffused. Try a few drops in your morning shower, or in a diffuser throughout your day. Additionally,  peppermint can help decrease the feeling of anxiousness and aid in headache/migraine relief when applied directly to your skin (wrists/temples/based of neck) with the use of a rollerball like these here.  
NOTE: while some are comfortable ingesting oils, I do not personally do this. Please do so at your own discretion and your own research. 

2️⃣ Listen to Music: If there’s one thing that can get you out of your own head, it’s listening to music. When you’re overwhelmed and feeling anxious, I recommend turning on some easy listening such as: acoustic tunes (Johnny Swim radio on Pandora is great for this!) or something a little more geared towards mediation like a spa/massage therapy playlist. Classical music more your thing? Rock on. Need something with a little more pop to dance it out? Great, turn it up!

3️⃣ Listen to a Podcast/Audiobook: If you’ve never listened to a podcast, I highly suggest you go sample a few and find a couple that really speak to you. Podcasts are often little pieces of helpful knowledge that (in my experience) spark creativity, ambition, and overall positivity. Many podcasts have well-known guests that offer a more personalized 1:1 look into specific areas of their life/business. On the flipside, if you’ve been wanting to read more but just can’t find the time then grab a pair of headphones and lose yourself in an book during your lunch break, on your commute to/from work, while washing the dishes, taking a shower, or try replacing a little PM social scrolling for a listen to your new book–you might find you have a better nights sleep. I personally love a great fictional audio book + an evening bath for a little self-care on Sundays.

4️⃣ Change Your View: I think we can all agree that each day, no matter our profession, we have a routine. We drive the same way to work, we look at the same walls of our home while we care for our children, we sit at the same desk with the same photos/general surroundings every single day. So, change it up. Get out/away from the environment that is creating angst. Give yourself the permission to change your scenery and create a new environment for yourself. Get out of the house/office and go grab yourself a small treat—whatever that may be. Try moving your workspace to a new location altogether (if you can). Step outside for some fresh air and move for a little bit. Try something new!

5️⃣ Give Yourself a Timeout: Sometimes all we really need is to breathe. We need to press pause from being productive, checking off the to-do list, and turn off our brain/ears from the sound/influence of others. We need to walk away from the emails, stop being immediately available to respond to text messages, and take a few days off from social media. We need time away from everything that needs our attention (!!kids included!!), or the things that are pulling us away from our responsibilities and just breathe! Life moves at a rapid pace and we thrive off the lengthy lists of our accomplishments at the end of the day, but then we beat ourselves up for the things we didn’t get to. There will be days when some things cannot be ignored, but in most cases: take a breath, and maybe re-organize your day to give yourself more margin. Put down the phone, turn it on silent if you need to, and enjoy the life that is right in front of you. The only person you have to be happy for is yourself and your family.

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