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Disneyland + Zyia Roundup

Admittedly, when I first started packing for this trip I was solely focused on the opportunity to wear something other than leggings, which is my daily “momiform”. This trip was to celebrate a wedding anniversary, and I wanted to look more put together than my normal, daily look. So, I happily went out and purchased cute shorts/tops, with the intention of grabbing a pair of low-top sneakers (like Vans) to wear with my outfits for all the walking; however, a few things happened: 

  1. My husband questioned why I wasn’t bringing leggings, encouraged me to leave the jeans at home, and pack comfortable
  2. I checked the weather again the night before we left, and now it was going to be pretty chilly, with a chance of rain, while we were there. My shorts were now useless
  3. I didn’t get a chance to shop for shoes, and gym shoes and dressier shorts are not my favorite look

So! Needless to say, I chose my Zyia leggings, and a few other Zyia staples instead, and I am beyond happy I did!

Given the weather and our activity level, I thought it would be helpful to give a more detailed review of each outfit in order to give you better insight to the capabilities of each Zyia piece. As you may or may not know, I don’t work out regularly (despite my best intentions), and while I’ve put my pieces to the test for daily wear, and a few HIIT workouts here and there, this would be the first time I truly tested them to the max! Here’s how it went:

Day 1

Our first day was ½ travel and ½ fun! We had a mid-morning flight and got into Cali and to our hotel by lunch. Between airport travel via Uber + plane, and walking around the park/Downtown Disney, we got in about 5 miles of walking!

I wore my Black Pocket Light n Tights with a cotton v-neck top on the trip out. It was cute, casual, and still put together enough for me to make it through my day. I put that outfit to work that day carrying luggage, walking, and just hanging out in the heat. It had rained earlier that day in Cali, so the humidity was wretched and unexpected. 

My leggings held up perfectly, though, and since I had my boarding pass on my phone, the pockets were incredibly convenient for quick access to my phone when I needed it. We actually ended up downloading and using the Disneyland app throughout our time there, which included our park tickets, an interactive map that showed wait times, mobile food ordering and dining reservations. Needless to say, I needed to access my phone a LOT. Praise the pockets my friends! 

Getting back to that humidity: my leggings held up amazing! I didn’t spend the day walking around pulling up them up, or worrying about sweat marks. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my shirt. Before heading back out for dinner that night I had to blow dry my shirt to get it dry again for dinner. Don’t worry—we ended up taking dinner to go and eating outside away from the general public. No one had to see or smell me. 

Day 2

Our first full day at Disney! The first thing I want to talk about are the SOCKS. I wore them on day 1, too, and days 2, 3, and 4. They are the only socks I brought and I regret nothing! They were perfection!

As someone who is short, leaving most leggings almost meeting the top of my sock line (capris or otherwise), I REALLY appreciate the look of not wearing a sock. However, as most of you can attest, wearing any kind of shoe without a sock for long is a bad idea. Between the sweat smell and blisters…just don’t do it. The Zyia Hidden Socks are quite seriously perfection in every way. You can’t see them while you’re wearing gym shoes, they have a silicone backing to help them stay in place on your heel, they are thin and incredibly breathable, and they aren’t too tight to the point where they dig into your skin like other socks this style.

Socks aside, my Navy Pocket Light n Tights held up just like my black ones. Being that these were a lighter color than black, I was a little concerned about sweat marks on my backside and in between my legs. I’m happy to report, neither of these were an issue! The icing on the cake was when I (unknowingly) went on a water ride—my husband is notorious for “surprises” like this—and my pants dried less than 5 minutes after being off the ride. Let’s consider my husband more lucky than I that I was wearing Zyia.

Lastly, my White Copper Charged Tank was the biggest saving grace of the day! I learned from day 1 that the humidity in Cali (mostly because of the rain) was something I did not account for. The shirt I wore the day before was ruined from sweat, so while I had planned to wear my tank another day, I opted to wear it under the t-shirt I had planned for this day instead. A grey one no less. This was the BEST decision I made! It kept sweat from coming through and giving me the gross, wet, sweat stain that can show up on your back on a hot day. The option to layer this under my shirt also gave me the flexibility to remove my t-shirt altogether if it got too hot, or wet. Because at some point during our trip, I had to stop trusting my husband’s word when it came to rides. 

Day 3

Our last day at Disneyland was a bit of a weird one. The weather was a bit unpredictable, and we ended up walking the most on this day–almost more than the rest of the days combined! The park was PACKED and we spent most of our time walking around the park multiple times, only to wait in line and wait again. 

The humidity and walking were not a great combination for my Black Scrunchy What’s. They do not offer the compression that the Light N Tights do, and ultimately they were not the best option for non-stop, all-day movement. I wear these all the time, so I wasn’t prepared to feel this way about them, but it’s important to be honest here! My honest feedback would be: these are a great option for running errands or cleaning house, or even some light yoga. If you’re looking to do HIIT workouts, running, or other very physical workouts, I’d stick with the Light N Tight style for sure!

Once again I layered the White Copper Charged Tank under my t-shirt for extra moisture control, which paid off more so due to weather than anything. It ended up raining later in the evening, and the temperature dropped, so I kept my t-shirt on over it, and then I layered my Boyfriend Hoodie over that. The temperatures had dropped every other night we were there, so I also brought along my Community Sweatshirt to layer for later that evening. We had reservations for a late dinner and a show, so I knew with the rain it would be colder than previous nights. The good news: I stayed relatively dry, but most importantly I stayed warm!

Day 4

Time to go home! A bittersweet end to our trip was the 5am wake up call to head to the airport. NOT! There was nothing sweet about it. I didn’t care too much, though, since I just had to throw on my Black Unwind Joggers, a t-shirt and my Community Sweatshirt. I may not have been as put together looking as id hoped, but I’ll blame my tired face for that and not my clothes. Although, this photo doesn’t depict that ideal very well since I had raised my sweatshirt higher so you could see the waist of the joggers. I look even more disheveled then I felt. You’re welcome.

All in all I am incredibly happy with how every outfit came together from a look + functionality standpoint. I can honestly say that the only changes I would make on a future trip would be: pack more tank tops if the weather permits (this trip did not), and bring a bomber jacket for any wet weather!

Hope you all enjoyed this review!

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NOTE: if there was a style mentioned above that does not link out, the item is no longer available. Please let me know if you would like me to help find you a comparable item.

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