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    Surviving Outside the Home

    Wow, friends. It’s been far too long since I’ve found the time/energy to take to the keyboard that isn’t on my phone and compile thoughts that will serve you. This year has been continually busy with so many moving parts and children. We are getting closer to having another toddler in the house than having an infant, with only 2.5 more months until our youngest turns 1! The good news, all of this change and transition has given me plenty of time to gather a list of my favorite things to bring with us while we’re out and about.

    There was a time when we first brought home our 3rd baby, where I was beyond terrified to load all of the kids into the car by myself, then have to take them out of the car + tote them all around whatever destination we needed to adventure to that day. The thought of being so outnumbered with my older two in such transitional ages and stages gave me hyper-anxiety.  I know I did it in the beginning, and managed, but it was very rare and for very short periods of time. By the time D was about 5-6months old I found my groove in knowing what to bring without bringing too much for 3 kids, and what products made my life easier and would also last throughout growing and developing stages. This last part has been at the top of my priority list for all things for D as he is our last baby, and I did not want to buy new baby things/gear that would suddenly be unnecessary as he aged. Continue reading…

    Taking Back Jess

    I am so glad that 2017 is over. Who’s with me?

    2017 was a year of major transitions in our lives, and I was not ready for any of it. I’m sure I didn’t come across as handling being pregnant with 2 toddlers very well, and if I did, then I’m sorry—because it was a lie.

    Being pregnant is hard enough, let alone having your youngest (and a boy at that) in the most dangerous/active stage of his young life (1year to 2 years) while also having a raging, hormonal threenager who is learning to potty-train. I’m fairly certain I spent most of last year screaming at my kids, doing an unnecessary amount of children’s laundry, and going to the doctors for my pregnancy. It’s no surprise I ended up with a paralyzed vocal cord, and a newborn that is completely un-phased when I raise my voice. But that was last year 🙂 Continue reading…